This invention is to provide injured or non injured sports people with a glove that combines a sweat band, internal wrist support and neoprene grip control for use in any sport.

For many years people have used single devices to assist in sweat build up, grip control and wrist problems. This invention has been specially designed in order to provide an improved glove of simple, cheap, effective and readily used products to combine 3 products into 1 easily washable glove.

People undergoing an activity involving extreme physical exertion often experience profuse sweating in the palm, wrist and fingers of their hands which may hamper them in efficiently continuing, or maintaining the standard of, that activity. This is especially a problem for players of racquet sports, but equally affects others sports people and tradesmen, such as operators of high powered, manually supported hammers and power tools.

For such people, the problem may eventually lead to lack of effective grip, control and in some cases to injuries to wrist and fingers.

The prior art is littered with many gloves that have sought to address these and other problems in the field, but nearly all have involved bulky, and or uncomfortable to wear, unreliable shapes and forms that do not allow the user the freedom of hand and wrist movement that they may require for their activity.

To understand this glove better the external upper part of fabric material that makes up the outer part of the glove is made of sweat band or terry towelling type material. The length of this material is from the knuckles of the hand and does not cover the fingers, to approximately 10 cm along the arm and covers the upper part of hand and the portion of the under part of the arm from the forearm to the wrist area. So the full length of the outer towelling will be approximately 20 cm long depending on the person’s size and length of his or her hand.

The Palm outer area that is sown and joining the towelling with seamless stitching is made of Neoprene or a non slip type of material for grip control, also to absorb shock. The length being from knuckles of the finger to the palm area of the start of the wrist. Also it wraps around outer and upper hand area and between webbing of the thumb and pointing finger, for better control of equipment being held in hands.

The inner part of the glove is made of medical type / compression garment and or thermo medical wrist support. It is the same length and size as the outer towelling material. 

Eliminator Sports Shirts
Eliminator Sports brand; Helping the Needy not the Greedy
Eliminator Sports Shirts
Eliminator Sports brand; Helping the Needy not the Greedy
Eliminator Gloves
Eliminators working well for the hand cycle. It is for those who are incapacitated and use hands
Eliminator Gloves
The Eliminator is for the Incapacitated.

Eliminator Sports Brand - Helping the Needy not the Greedy


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